Unlimited subscription

You get 5GB per day as standard. This is automatically made available again every day at noon. When you have 500MB remaining, you will receive an SMS from us that your bundle is almost empty. You can request this free extra bundle unlimited. If you do not do this after you have used up all your data, your data will be closed and you will no longer be able to use it.

Send SMS
You send the SMS to 1280 with the text: 1GB extra. If you then only have 500MB again, you will receive the SMS with the same message.

This is done as follows, make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi of the Access Point supplied by debruin IT / hotel IT (see photo on the right). This screen displays the login details of the network.

Also install the following App on your Smart Phone: HUAWEI HiLink for iPhone or HUAWEI HiLink for Android. This allows you to log in to the Wi-Fi Access Point. The password to log in is: admin2019

If it doesn’t work, send a message via the chat at the bottom or via WhatsApp to 030-2273380.

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